Thursday, 7 June 2012

The best post so far,I think

Rains in Bombay are the best.You get the 'Bombay-waala-feel',if you know what I mean.It's like so beautiful and when you're out on the road,your legs get all dirty and all.You are jumping in puddles and dancing with your friends,it's soo...I don't even know how to say it.Once I'm out in the rain,I just forget about my problems,my mom,school and everything happening in my life-I just feel happy,like from within.I get this wide smile on my face,and the minute I realize that I'm smiling,I giggle a little.You may think I'm crazy but rains are gorgeous:)

After-rain-time is also nice.You take a nice CLEAN shower and get all snuggled up in your shorts and blanket and watch a romantic.You drink hot chocolate and eat hot maggi.And then you blog about it :)
Today might have been the perfect day for me.Well,my ex went out with his new girlfriend to the beach (the place he promised we'd go together once),and I was shocked to realize I was not sad! The rains really helped! Life is more than relationships with others,it's more about your relationship with yourself.And after the rains when  I was at home having hot chocolate,I found that relation with myself.

I am smiling while writing this post.
This might be the most meaningful post I've written so far


  1. So, you are happy when drenched, played in rain and the aftermath of the rains.
    Glad you are happy. And ya, the relation with thyself is indeed pleasing when you forget about all the worries.
    And keep smiling as you are today. And don't think much about the problems. Just let them fade away and let happiness take its place.

    Take Care. Keep Smiling. :)

    1. Thanks a lot! =)
      That was really sweet of you!