Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happiness-After a long time is sweeter.

Her hair was flying rhythmically with the wind.Her eyelashes felt light.Her legs were put down from the edge of the ceiling.A tear fell from her eye.A tear of happiness.

She smiled and giggled a little.
She felt this way after a long time,and this time it was because of someone else,and not him.Someone special,someone she loved and most importantly,someone who loved her.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'm sorry!

So,I made this other personal blog,like an online journal and I haven't given the link to ANYONE! (Don't ask,not giving) SO I've started neglecting this blog =(

I feel so bad..

Friday, 25 May 2012

Deep blue sea.Did you say deep?

So,I read something somewhere (don't ask,not saying) and it reminded me of something.

A conversation.

Friend:What are you afraid of?
Me:I'm awesome.I'm scared that I'll lose that because the world will one day torture me for being too awesome,and ultimately,they'll steal my awesomeness and distribute it to the chickens,who need to be awesome.

Nah,that did not happen,seriously.But when I came to think of it,

I'm afraid of  Depths.

Yes,you'll must have heard people being afraid of heights,but depths?It's just that it's like depths are consuming,you know what I mean? They hold you in,not letting you go.Sometimes you just go so deep down,that you can't come up anymore,you are held unwillingly.It's suffocating.Layers above you,and you are watching from down,helplessly.You see the world above,and you wonder how much deeper will you go?-the though itself makes you shudder.

Deep down,what is it waiting for us? The purpose of life? You can fall down,deeper and deeper wondering where this journey ends.The simple idea of going someplace unknown that is down under somewhere,having ideas float above you,is scary.When I come to think of it,I get goosebumps.

Sounds so evil,no?

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul,so breathe and let others breathe

This is what I imagined of my previous post

I'm flying so high,I can't get down,
Freedom this is, in which I drown.
                                                   ~Me :)

I just found this amazing photo of freedom.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


So,some of my fellow bloggers did this post where you play a song in the background and then read what I've written.I thought of doing the same,I mean I tried.Anyways,to those who already did this kind of post-I'm not copying you! I just thought of trying it!

So this is the song (click here) and wait for it to buffer completely,and when done,start reading,

There's a brunette in her mid 20s.She's wearing a black leather jacket and skin tight jeans with some red pumps to follow.She is walking on the dark street alone ,late at night.When she walks,you hear a slight noise made from her shoes.She is dressed completely in black (the jacket and her jeans),but the red pumps give her a bold look.She walks down the street and she sees a faint figure of a man ahead of her.She panics.She is scared now.She's afraid about what she's going to do.She looks down,and walks again.

Now,she can get a closer look at the man.He seemed like a father,in his early 40s and a bit of a belly.He wore a cap and he looked like he could hit someone really bad.He had a rusty beard too.

As he came closer,he looked in her eyes.He passed by without giving much attention.She turned back and stabbed the man with a knife she had been holding.She felt better.She left the man dead there and walked along,she threw the knife there,near the crime scene .She had gained her revenge from the man,the man who killed her and her mother.She gave an evil smile and smirked to herself.
A little boy had been watching this from a small building above.The girl looked at him and winked.

She slowly disappeared into the air.The boy who saw all this,smiled too.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

True love is bigger than you ego

I was reading this book by Osho called Being In Love.

'You don't fall in love,you rise'
The first thing he said was,get over your big fat ego.You love someone,love them till death,in sickness and in health. (That rhymed =D)

Put your ego aside for a change,it's not just about you now,its about the both of you.Only if you love unconditionally,you will get the love you want.

Ego ko rakho baaju mein 

Monday, 21 May 2012

All I see is stars xD

Bruce Springsteen's voice is so intense :O


Jack White-Sixteen Saltiness <3


I really don't know why I'm blogging right now,I'm like super-sad-tired-depressed-hungry right now.Whatever.Okay,so everyone,you'll know that whenever we read something there's this voice in our head that's actually reading it.Well,now,the voice in my head is also talking sloppily.

Huh? I'm sorry I'm not making any sense and I'm sorry that you think your wasting your time whist reading this.


I have a Pen-pal!
Woohoo!! =D
Please mail me nah?
Pretty please? Cuz Pen-pals are awesome! =D


I've started liking these Facebook memes a lot..All of a sudden.
Oh My God,why?


This post did not make any sense and now I have another not-making-sense-at-all post :/
Life sucks. =P

P.S-Your not going to have your three minutes back. xD

Some people die,others are forever :)

Some of the best Marilyn Monroe quotes-

"All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are
not all the same.”

“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together”

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

“Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting then being


Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Rainbow.

So,this post has seven different colors of the rainbow and each color says something different.I'm doing something like this for the first time so please don't locate me and punch me in the face.i appreciate that,thanks :) Yellow is not readable sorry.

So,I've been spending a lot of time with my girlies <3
It's turning out to be loads of fun but secrets come out :/
That part kinda sucks.

We had a sleepover last night at my place and we had great fun!
My mom does Tarot,so we did that and all.
We did some crazy stuff too.Went down at 2 in the morning looking for Maggi =P

I decided to make this thing called God Box. Heard of it?
Well,you write all your worries and problems on a piece of paper and put in your God Box.
The box should be something which is majestic and it must be appealing to YOU.

So,you put all your worries there and then the Divine helps you to tackle them and then after a few weeks,you empty your box and either bury the letters or burn them.

I can't wait to go to Carter Road on the 26th! For the first time,the whole group will be there together and we'll enjoy =D I mean,Carters Blue's shorma is amaaazing!!

Then we'll enjoy Bandstand.The sea <3 Okay,I shall stop about this.
 But we'll have so much fun you know!! :)

I don't really have clothes too wear.I mean,seriously.
I'm not complaining like every girl complains about not having clothes but having a hell lot of them.
I seriously don't have clothes.

I have casuals but when I go out,I'm like :|

I like Yellow,really.
So my vacations are about to end.So fast =(
I mean,I'm excited to go to school and all,but the feeling of vacations is different.

The sleeping all day,not having a bath for 3 days,eating junk,staying at a friend's place the whole day,internet always being on,it's kinda fun.

I love orange <3

I read this somewhere-
I approached a kid and asked "What is love?"
The kid answered "Love is when a puppy licks your face."

I laughed,but then he added,"Even after you left him alone all day."

And then I was like,"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

 Okay,I don't know what to write here.

How was this post?  

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I wrote something finally! =D

This time,I am writing :)

So,all of us (the girls),decided we'll keep this summer club-thingy for kids,where they come and draw,paint,learn origami and stuff like that.I mean,we got them to plant trees and shit.So,we took fees from them (Obviously!) and we earned a hell lot of money.HAHA! WE LOOTED THE KIDS! some money.

So,we all are like going out on the weekend,we'll have a dance party-thingy and have a sleepover later,you know,the regular girls' day out.And I'm so excited.I mean,I was in another city for like a week and half and I have not spent time with them :(

It's just me and my mom now.My brother's giving his tenth in Pune,mom-dad separated and I don't know what's gonna happen.If my mom and I stay in the same room for like more than an hour or so,we'll kill each other.I miss my whole family.Thank GOD for my dog!

Mangoes are in season! =D


I met my boyfriend after ages.He hugged me when he saw me!And I was like so happy :') I mean,my best friend and boyfriend were fighting over who missed me more =D Love.Love.Love.Love.

I wanna see Dark Shadows and MIB3!!

Ah..Johnny Depp and Will Smith <3

This is getting out of hand.I must stop.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Confessions xD

  • It is me who eats straight out of the Nutella jar,not my brother.
  • Sometimes,I give the shopkeeper a torn note purposely and I fold it so he does not notice.
  • I find Zac Efron gay.
  • I was a very ugly baby.
  • I love Desperate Housewives.
  • I secretly want to be a world famous popstar.
  • Justin Bieber is hot.
  • I love cakes.
  • I'm a pervert.
Yeah,that's that,if I continue,you'll will start hating me.
So,bye :)

P.S-I'm a really nice person though.DON'T STOP READING MY BLOG </3

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A mother is a person who can annoy the shit out of you,and love you at the same time,maybe?

So,today's mother's day.I don't know why I'm blogging on this topic cuz I didn't do much today with my mother.Went out for lunch,got some t shirts and yeah,that's about that.I can't say I was bored,but I can't say it was fun either.It was a change I guess.I don't remember the last time I seriously went out with her.

I had good food.
That's what I remember.

I don't know why I don't get all mushy with my mom,I guess teenagers as a whole don't get mushy with their parents.I run when she hugs me,and when she says 'I love you',I'm like,'Everyone loves me,I'm awesome.'
Whenever we talk,I'm either making fun of her in a very very very juvenile manner.

I'm not saying I hate her,but I just can't say 'I love you.'Even to my dad you know!

My heart's not made of stone cuz I'm like a hopeless romantic.I love romantic movies,books and all,but with my parents (mostly my mom),I'm a brick. :/

I guess I'll get over this phase,no?
Maybe it's just another 'teenage' thing.


Friday, 11 May 2012

A touch to make your heart race,a feeling that makes you high.

I'm getting back to Mumbai on Monday!
Yuhu!! :D

Anyways,I was worrying thinking about today's teenagers.
And their physicality,if you know what I mean.

Teenagers claim they are in love and all.
They hold hands.
They cheek-kiss. (It's not that big a deal,but they do)
They make-out.
They have sex.
And they do much more.

It's not wrong.
This age is where they explore their sexuality.Sex at this age is wrong,yeah,but other stuff isn't.This age is when you get your acne,braces,you spend hours in front of the mirror,you get embarrassed by your parents,and you fall in love.

Maybe teenage love,or true love.

Sex isn't wrong obviously,but at this age,it is unsafe that's all.It's still your decision you know.

So,all the teenagers out there,reading my world-famous awesome blog,go have fun,make out like crazy,drink a little,have sex but with protection.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sometimes,a little of yourself won't cause something evil,just something making you happy :)

Being alone isn't that bad.

I was up all night reading,thinking-stuff I hadn't done since forever maybe.I thought about stuff that I had completely forgotten.

I started feeling smart,mature,better about myself.I stared at the sky from the balcony.I smiled.I felt happy,like really happy.I had not felt like this since a long time.I had so much on my plate ,I had forgotten to look after myself.I was more worried about other people in my life.I'm not saying I'm the "thinking-about-others-only" kind of girl,trust me I'm very selfish,but I was more engrossed in others' lives.

I thought about what I actually want to do in life (I know I'm only 14 but still).
I did not come up with really nice stuff but I thought about my life.I realized I was so much into parties and outings and friends and God knows what not,that I kinda forgot about ME.

Very vital conclusion-I rock and you can't change that.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I looked for the end of the rainbow,only to find you :)

Yeah,so I'm in Pune right?
Well,my mom noticed how bored and pathetic I was (It's strange that she noticed cuz she can't seem to get enough of her Blackberry :/ )

Yeah,so she took me book shopping!
Well,she shopped for like a million books and I got this one book that is amazing!

Name-Where Rainbows End
Author-Cecilia Ahern

(Note that she is the author of P.S I Love You,my favorite movie)


Since childhood,Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin.But they're suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America.Rosie is lost without him.Then,just as she is about to join Alex in Boston,she gets life-changing news-news that will keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection remains but can their friendship survive the years and miles-as well as new relationships? And always at the back of Rosie's mind is whether they were meant to be more than just good friends all along.Misunderstandings,circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them apart-until now.But will they gamble everything-including their friendship-on true love?And what twists and surprises does fate have in store for them this time...?

I did not write that,it was on the back of the book =P
Anyways,you have to read this book.

And the best part is there are no dialogues in the book.The whole book is in a series of letters and e-mails!
It's reaaaalllyyy nice :)

I hate it when you don't get what you deserve and what you own rightfully :/

Summers are so in.
And you know what,I'm not in.

I mean,where are my shorts?
Where are my regular rounds to the beach?
Where are my sunglasses?

Instead,I'm stuck in another city.

I want my Summer Vacations back :(
Just  a glimpse of the summers-

Instead I get-


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Topics are getting out of hand xD

Sometimes,a small sentence said by someone sticks forever.

  • You have nice legs
  • It's beautiful when you smile,but it's even more beautiful when you smile beacuse of me.
  • You don't fall but rise in love.
Yeah,that's been said to me.There are many more statements like that,that I'll never forget.We all have our moments in life that we never forget.

Now,my friends,let's go off topic.

I'm wearing this super loose T-shirt and my PJ's.My hair's all messed up in pushed in a high pony kind of thing.I have not showered :(

Let's go off this topic too. :)

I want to go shopping so bad.Aah! It's not even funny :|

Now,completely off topic.

I like owls.

And you think your life sucks.

So,bye now.:)

Blogs and other not-so-appealing stuff on the net.

So,I've been going through some pretty cool blogs recently.Nice backgrounds,pretty fonts and the usual.I started wondering what do people think when they come across my blog?
Is is nice?
Is the font readable?
Is the background appealing?

And most importantly..
Is my writing good?

Well,first of all,I blog for my own selfish reasons. :)
But,on the other hand,if people read my blog,it should atleast be satisfactory huh?

I don't want my blog to be like one random thing on the net.It is something,you know.

I love my blog.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


My elder brother has from ADHD.Yes,special child.Ever since I was born it was all about him.Never me.His marks,his books,his comments,it was like I was just a side kick in the whole friggin family.I hate it.

Then Adarsh(My brother) flunked in the seventh grade.That's when I was forgotten,like completely.I just did not matter anymore.My marks started decreasing and no one noticed.

My dad left us last year.Just walked out.My mom and dad are now getting a divorce and Adarsh flunked ninth grade.He is shifting to Pune from Mumbai.So now at home,it's gonna be my mom,my dog and me.I have no idea how I'm gonna live.

My mom and I don't really get along.
At all.

So,I've been dragged to Pune with Adarsh to "spend some time with him as he's leaving."
And he's feeling pathetic.

I just want to get to Mumbai and sleep on my bed.
In my room.
With my dog who is in Mumbai now,away from me :(

I can't say life sucks but I can surely say it is nowhere close to nice.


So,I'm in Pune and completely bored :/

This sucks.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Okay,so as promised,the super awesome post.

Here I go.

Super awesome.

P.S-I'm sorry,I did not know what to write about,and this idea was given to me by this really cool friend of mine :)

P.P.S-My new shoes :D -

Nike free run

I'm such a show off :|

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Family comes first!

Hey,so,I really haven't blogged in a long time,and I feel pathetic.Nowadays,I don't even feel like blogging. :(

Anyways,my mom has started this blog of hers,Click here,just have a look.It's about her poetry or something,I'm not really sure myself! :P

Okay,bye for  now,and I promise to come up with a super awesome post next