Friday, 21 September 2012


My exams are so near!!
*NAHIIIIIIII* (Bollywood style)

I remember when I used to study for my exams like before a month and stuff.
Now less than 7 days are left.
And I've still to start.

I'll do it.
I guess.

Did you know that when a pigeon flies over you,you lose weight/
That's a lie.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Only in India.

The One Direction limited edition box set is for 4000 bucks :(
Not fair.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cover my eyes.

Have you ever cried and then have that burning sensation in your eyes? Yes,I know what it feels like.I was crying after watching this movie.

Why do movies make you cry?

Anyways,moving on,I hope you'll have heard the new Bob Dylan song.It's pretty nice.

So I came here thinking that I would probably write something about my marriage with One Direction,but you'll have better stuff to do right?
I thought so.

You know Frankfurters are nice? I never knew.I mean my mom used to make them but I used to be happy with my cereal.But today,I thought - What if this is the last day I'm gonna be here on this planet?-and so I started eating.Preeeeettty nice.

I'm sorry about this post.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Salty Pakshi..and more

So Taylor Swift..You'll are never getting back together huh? Nice. I have to say hats off to you.I remember,when I was dating this dipshit,called Salty Pakshi,we used to break up like every other day,and get back together.This continued for...8 months..
But,this time we are really really never getting back together.Awesome.I'm sick of the games,the ignorance,the lies,the..everything!
I want to happy ( I was happy with him but I want to be happier) .So it ended.How? I really don't know.
This is not a hate post.This is simply where I say,



From now onwards,I'll write.I mean seriously.I've lost contact with life (if that's possible).

Getting back to life,I'm getting crazy-like One Direction crazy.If I don't listen to their album a tleast once in a day,I start losing it.I have 100+ photos of theirs on my phone.Computer? Don't ask..
I just stare at their photo.
Fangirling? I think so. I'm thinking of visiting a psychiatrist. In fact I did,my mom.

Well,we spend hours talking about Zayn Malik.

So that didn't exactly help.
I'm watching Vampire Diaries-straight from Season1. AWEEEESOOOOOME.

Yeah.My life.

Well,anyways,I'm thinking of giving my blog a makeover.Next time maybe.

Now I got fangirling to do to get studying.