Sunday, 24 June 2012

Its always the darkest before dawn.

The rain raced down her window as she watched outside.The shadows of her past were clouded in her mind fighting to get out.She felt heavy.Her eyes were beginning to burn,and she could smell the fire.Her lips were pursed together and she blinked.

That did it.She blinked once and her nose was red.She could feel the fire running through her veins.Little drops of waters fell down her cheeks.

Chased by your shadow.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Hooked on to your soul.

It's not the fact that she isn't there that's annoying him.It's not the fact,that she left him alone or she just doesn't seem to care anymore.It's the memories.

His mind is filled with the tiniest things about her,every single habit of hers,every single smell,the way she used to go all the way just so he could smile-everything put together is what's on his mind.He tries to move on but,the memories stop him.The moment he thinks he has accomplished it,he just gets pulled back to all those memories,those happy days.It's like he does not want to move on,he just does not want to let go,because somewhere deep down in his heart,he knows that it's too good to let go.It's too good to forget about and act like nothing's happened.

With all that past,it just does not seem right.Now,every single thing reminds him of her,of how she used to talk,the way her lips felt.He was not letting go ever.He would wait,no matter how long it takes because he knows that even though she has someone better now,she still feels the same way.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Look here please.

So,my followers are increasing day by day,but my they don't read my blog.I KNOW!It upsets me =(

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Change,from tragedies to comedies

Okay,so I'm trying this thing now,it's called, 'Good girl'.Let me explain.

The past.
I was the kind of girl,that did not give a shit about anything really.In school-my books weren't complete,I did not have the necessary stationery,studies was never on my list,I slept late,and you know,stuff.My parents used to shout at me,a lot,I tried smoking thrice once and stuff.I wasn't really nice.I had my boyfriends and all.I just did not care.About anyone.

The present/future
My books are complete,I study daily,I sleep early,I blog (yay!) and I'm healthy. :) I'm going to continue to do this now,it makes me happier.I like the new me :)

Change is good.

And I'm going to end this post with a happy photo about change.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Who would've imagined that 9th grade would be this hard huh? :/ Projects week from the SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL RE-OPENING! Torture,torture.
We are teeny-weenie small things,they can't torture me like that!!

Anyways,like any of you care.

Someone I knew killed herself.I feel so bad for her.I mean she had everything.Looks,clothes,love,money-everything.I wonder what went wrong.Whatever happened,I just hope that her soul rests in peace.

She was like a sister to my brother and he is so shaken and disturbed,that I cried.I did not know her at all,but the love other people showed for her made me realize how precious life is.All I want to say is,R.I.P Moulisha Arya,we all loved you and miss you.

This week is screwed up.Guys,pray :)


Thursday, 7 June 2012

The best post so far,I think

Rains in Bombay are the best.You get the 'Bombay-waala-feel',if you know what I mean.It's like so beautiful and when you're out on the road,your legs get all dirty and all.You are jumping in puddles and dancing with your friends,it's soo...I don't even know how to say it.Once I'm out in the rain,I just forget about my problems,my mom,school and everything happening in my life-I just feel happy,like from within.I get this wide smile on my face,and the minute I realize that I'm smiling,I giggle a little.You may think I'm crazy but rains are gorgeous:)

After-rain-time is also nice.You take a nice CLEAN shower and get all snuggled up in your shorts and blanket and watch a romantic.You drink hot chocolate and eat hot maggi.And then you blog about it :)
Today might have been the perfect day for me.Well,my ex went out with his new girlfriend to the beach (the place he promised we'd go together once),and I was shocked to realize I was not sad! The rains really helped! Life is more than relationships with others,it's more about your relationship with yourself.And after the rains when  I was at home having hot chocolate,I found that relation with myself.

I am smiling while writing this post.
This might be the most meaningful post I've written so far

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lessons learned,the hard way

So,my vacations are coming to an end.NOOOOO!! School starts tomorrow,and I'm not ready.I mean school's fine and all,but you know the "before-school-getting-ready" is not done.The-getting a school bag,stationery-part.Sigh.My mom's been on my ass the whole of last week for getting all that done,and here I am,blogging (like anyone reads) and eating (like anyone cares).

But this is not a post where I complain,this is a post where I explain. =)

So,yesterday I got into this ultimate fight with my mom.The mother of all fights.She was shouting on me so so much,that I walked straight out of the house,with tears.I walked,and walked.People on the road gave me weird looks,but I just ignored.

After a few minutes of random walking,I sat down somewhere and looked at the others.Cars,people walking,couples fighting,children playing and all the other normal stuff on the street.And I realized-Everyone here must have their own problems,but they all find their share of happiness.They get on with life and move on to something better.No point being sad.Happiness is going to find you sometime.


So,as you'll can see I've started posting daily again.Yay! Let's dance.
.....Or not.Never mind.

But come on you'll have to admit you can't live without my blog.

This is embarrassing.

Anyways,as mom had been to the super market,FOOD! I mean chocolates,cookies,cakes,biscuits and mangoes =D

Okay,I can't focus on what I'm writing now.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Super markets are not THAT super.

Okay,so I used to love the super market when I was a kid.I was always fascinated by all those colors and all.But then,I went there today after 6 whole months and guess what? I hated it.

It was terrible.I was so bored and the power had gone,so no air conditioning.Bloody Hyper City.How worse could this get?

Then,from the middle of the crowd,like an angel,smiling like a Greek God,I saw him.The only nice breathing thing there.He was a beauty.My jaw fell down to my knees.

He was beautiful and gorgeous,and all that one could be.

But then,his girlfriend came and she dragged him somewhere.
I got back to stalking the aunty.

Glad you came :)

Time is slipping away
Away from us so stay
Stay with me I can make
Make you glad you came.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Such dreams.


U.K creates the best boy bands ever! The Wanted,One Direction..I mean it's unfair.All these cute men with nice voices singing together,it's unfair to the other men.

The Wanted

One Direction
These men,they sing such cute songs for girls,you know like Justin Bieber.You've seen the video of One Less Lonely Girl? He's like the sweetest in that.And the men in real life,they suck.They give vada paavs to their girlfriends on Valentines Day. :/

It may sound cute,it isn't.

These people give us girls such dreams of a perfect guy!

Like,you know how I want a guy to propose to me? Let me tell you.

The bell rings late at night.A cake would be lying down home saying, "Will you be mine? From- __________" and there will be this piece of paper saying, "Yes ,no or maybe "

I'll tick on Maybe and send the paper out. Take the cake in =P

The bell rings and there is this basket of brownies and there is a big card saying,"Please?" and  a small paper with the options of Yes and Yes written.

I take the brownies inside and tick on a Yes.

The bell rings again.There is this awesome dress and there will be a small card saying "Meet me tomorrow morning at ________ wearing the dress.I love you forever and always."

P.S-I'm like super glad I've started writing something although it doesn't make much sense =P