Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lessons learned,the hard way

So,my vacations are coming to an end.NOOOOO!! School starts tomorrow,and I'm not ready.I mean school's fine and all,but you know the "before-school-getting-ready" is not done.The-getting a school bag,stationery-part.Sigh.My mom's been on my ass the whole of last week for getting all that done,and here I am,blogging (like anyone reads) and eating (like anyone cares).

But this is not a post where I complain,this is a post where I explain. =)

So,yesterday I got into this ultimate fight with my mom.The mother of all fights.She was shouting on me so so much,that I walked straight out of the house,with tears.I walked,and walked.People on the road gave me weird looks,but I just ignored.

After a few minutes of random walking,I sat down somewhere and looked at the others.Cars,people walking,couples fighting,children playing and all the other normal stuff on the street.And I realized-Everyone here must have their own problems,but they all find their share of happiness.They get on with life and move on to something better.No point being sad.Happiness is going to find you sometime.


  1. Haha,Back to school shopping is actually kinda fun.:P
    And Yeah,It's much easier to be Happy despite all the troubles.
    I've got Family problems,but I don't let it bother me much.If I let it get to me,I can never be Happy.So it's easier being Happy.:)

    1. It is fun! I'm going this weekend!!
      And I totally agree =)

  2. That must have been a very difficult for you. Sorry.

    BTW whats Hakuna Matata ? I didn't understand it.

    And yeah, happiness will find a way into everyone of us some or the other time. Cheer up. and Please don't get into fights.

    1. I'm fine really and I'll try not to get into fights..

    2. Really, I didn't know.
      But I just google-ed it now and I know it now. :)