Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy ever after,but not with Prince Charming.

Note-The post is long,but I promise it's worth it :)

So,I know this guy-Cane (Not his real name,obviously)

It started with a ,"Oh,he's cute",and we eventually started talking.He was originally one of my elder brother's close friends,but now we were friends too.We spoke for hours on text,he helped my with my boy troubles an all and he knew much about me.He was kinda like the best-guy-friend I never had.Best part was I wasn't obligated to meet him each day,or text him or call him at least once a day or whatever.We didn't have to tell each other our secrets.We had our space.

I never really had real feelings for him,but we had one night.I mean we spoke the most that night,6 hours I think.The conversation started out normally but then it took a slight turn.It turned,lovey.We spoke as if we were a couple,saying sweet stuff and all.He is seventeen,I'm fourteen.Anyways,so we had this magical conversation and sparks really were there.Next day,it was gone,all gone.We were back to normal but we didn't talk to each other at all.

My brother came to know about the night we spoke,the long night,he was super pissed.Boy code-never date your friends sister.So,he kinda beat up Cane and me and him never spoke again.I kinda missed him,with our conversations and all.Okay,we did ruin everything with that one night,but we could have forgotten about it!

So we did not speak for 3 whole months,we were too busy in our lives.I thought about him once in a while and my friends always pushed me to talk to him,but I was too scared of my brother.One fine day,I finally got over that and spoke to my brother.I explained how good a friend Cane was and I really needed to talk to him.He said,"Fine.But no flirting!"

Now,Cane and I are on talking conditions but we still have distances.We'll get past that,I'm sure :)

P.S-What is it with elder brothers,huh? :O

Monday, 23 April 2012


When I was 9,I found my letter to Santa in my dad's wallet.

*Sound Of Heartbreak*

That's how I discovered Santa wasn't real.

P.S-Sorry for breaking the news to you'll.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The sad,sad post.

Life is just not fair.
Me,being the girl who was in love with her life more than anyone could be,says this.

Sometimes people hurt you and get away with it.They are everything you need,everything you want,and they just leave.

Like, *Poof*
And gone :(

Hurts like hell and moves you from within in ways you can't imagine.

Actually,being hurt actually is an amazing lesson in life. (OhMyGod! I sound so lame.)
You should experience loss,abandonment or heart-breaks.Sounds crazy,huh?It is,crazy but true.

You never experience sad feelings-->Never experience life.

Life is all about this.Try and avoid,but it comes right back at you!Life seem perfect,you have tears of happiness,and then something happens.Why does God have to work this way?
I'm glad he does though.
Now,I feel I know what's right,how I should trust people.

Everyone I've ever loved truly till now has eventually left me.(Including my dad,just walked out of the house.)
I have changed my outlook on the world.Every time I'm actually happy in life,it goes.

Maybe I should just accept this,or I should wait for a miracle to take place.

Or maybe,just maybe,I have super cool powers and I'm chosen to save the world from The Flood again.

Anyways,my eyes have now opened,looking at the harsh realities of life and my mind has now awoken, training itself for the future.

I love you all.Don't ever leave me?

Friday, 20 April 2012

The guy with the A-B-C

So the other day I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she was telling me about this teacher she has in her school and about how awesome he is. Cool guy, yeah. I kind of thought that I would also love a teacher who is awesome and not like the other teachers I have in school right now who are completely boring, not amusing and those who don’t have a life at all.

Yes, he. He would be this super awesome guy who teaches me History. Why History? Because-
  •         I suck at history.
  •         History does not need much teaching and it has more chances of starting up conversations.
  •          History teachers usually have an unusual history and they are kind of artistic or something.

He should have this staggering sense of humor .He must get along with every child, understand every child.


He must have this shimmer in his eyes that gets the child’s brain thinking. He should use his hands, show actions while teaching. Teachers in my school just sit on the chair and murmur some words hazily. Pathetic, I must say, pathetic. He should bring charts and all, yeah, that’d be fun .You know, the colorful stuff with pretty fonts and all.

He should not be good looking. Not hideous too. He should just be well turned-out and average. I don’t want to be focusing on him rather than History. He should have a nice physique though so that the shirts he wears (or t shirts for the matter) look perfect. He should have a nice pair of shoes; I always had a thing for men with nice shoes. A rusty beard maybe and yeah, a hat too!

VoilĂ !

He should like me particularly too.

I wish I had a teacher like this. :(
I really do.

P.S-I said my imaginary teacher must be "WELL TURNED-OUT".I'm losing it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fort Minor-Where'd you go?

Where'd you go?

I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,

That you've been gone.

There are two people in this world-People who say they pee in the shower,and dirty liars.

Oh,shit biscuits!
I saw my exam papers today.

^Perfect Life --> Hell.

As I'm too embarrassed of my marks *covers face*,I will cleverly change the topic.


And done :)

*dusts hands*

  I just realized I'm bored.So bored that,I saw a whole movie for 4 hours,pausing and resuming.And about the movie,sick movie -_-

  That's the movie,Tamara Drewe.I don't even know why I rented it.The guy who works at the movie rental store (who also has an awesomely gorgeous smile) also told me it was pathetic.I guess I rented it because I thought the girl was pretty.She was,really.

Anyways,Bye. xoxo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Boys-Men :D



Yesterday I was below my building,waiting for the lift to come and I saw one man walking down the stairs.He had a goatee or something and well,he as 'okay-looking'.He had these weirdly big eyes and he was wearing his t-shirt  inside out :O

Anyways,he was followed by his wife (I'm guessing) and she was quite pretty.I mean fair skin,brown eyes and hair falling down her shoulders,she was wearing this awesomely orange tee that fit her physique perfectly.I should stop describing her like this now.

They made a cute couple.

They were followed by their son (I'm guessing.Again).He tried making his way down the stairs with his teeny-tiny feet.He must be two and a half years or something.
He said "Shit!"

The lady said "Who taught you that word?"
"Papa",said the child.

She gave a look to the man and said, "Seriously,'Shit?'"
"I did not teach him that",replied the man with an embarrassed face.

The child walked down saying, "Shit.Shit.Shit.Shit."

"QUIET ROONEY!",screamed the man.

I giggled and off I went to my dead house.

P.S-They named their child Rooney.Who does that huh? :O

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I read this somewhere :')

HONESTLY, don't be that girl.

 That girl who goes back continuously and thinks that every time will be different. I understand you miss him, and its easier to breathe with him around. But isn't it 

to smile when 
he's not breaking up with you, or getting mad at you for nothing? You don't deserve to be the back up. That person he drops and picks up whenever he feels like. Don't be that girl. That girl who thinks that each time he comes around he means what he says and won't leave again, everyone knows he will. And you end up looking like a fool in the end.. again. I get that you're happier when he is texting you and cuddling with you. But aren't you happier when you aren't crying on your floor because he hasn't said a word to you all day? No one can tell you who to be. But don't be that girl. You're smarter than that girl. Stronger than that girl. And worth a hell of a lot more than that girl ♥

MEE <3

I just love this photo.That's all.

Monday, 16 April 2012

I wrote this post like a month back.I don't know why I'm doing this now.Here goes,

Someone told me I had nice legs.
I love him.
Well,not seriously,but I love him enough to hug him right then and there.

It's not that big a deal,but in India,it's considered a sin.

I know,right!?

Someone's name on facebook was 'Dhawal Cool',he is Indian.
What the fuck hell is wrong with these people?

I love India,but only parts of it.
I know that's pretty non-patriotic and shit stuff.
It's true though.
I'm mean.


P.S-I'm trying to stop cursing xD

Sunday, 15 April 2012

This goes on and on.

So,yesterday I was hanging out with this super cool guy,let's call him "Sin"

He is the best-est.

Okay so, I know Sin for like 7 years now,I mean from second grade.He was in my class and was in Love with him.

First Love <3

More about him.
He is this really smart guy who knows everything,like everything!He is not book smart,he is just born smart or whatever.Best part is he loves being smart.You know the constant effort put in teenagers nowadays to be like super cool and stuff?
Yeah,well,he is not like that.He likes being the smart and geeky guy.He isn't ashamed of saying that he studied for 6 hours that day.

We were best friends since the second grade.Always competing for the first place in class.Well,he always won,but I was a close second.We talked about Secret Seven,Roald Dahl and sports.We used to get along really well.I loved spending time with him,even he did.
But all this changed.

I was in the sixth grade.People influenced me,changed me,corrupted me.I became like those teenage girls,worrying about my reputation,worrying about my looks,worrying about what people thought about me.I also had my popular elder brother.Looking at him,I was pushed from the inside to gain popularity too.

I changed.
Sin saw me change.
He did nothing.

I feel he should have something to get me back.
But instead he jut saw.
Saw me swearing at people,saw me keeping my sick boyfriends,saw me goofing around before my History exam (I suck at History) and the only thing he did was give me that "You've-change-but-I-don't-care" look.

I never went back to normal.I am still a teenage girl,worrying about my reputation,worrying about my looks,worrying about what people think about me.
I want to get back to my geeky and nerdy friends.
I want to get back to studying when I'm free.

But it just does not happen.I can't leave my friends now.I am happy with this life too.

Yesterday,Sin explained all this to me.He said that- You can't go back to normal now and You shouldn't too.You're still awesome and I'll never forget you.
This brought tears to my eyes.

Now,I'm not getting back to what I was,but I'll not neglect my studies.I am glad I have someone to explain all this to me.I guess,he'll always be there in the corner of my heart<3

Friday, 13 April 2012


I miss the old Cartoon Network.
Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Billy and Mandy.
Winx Club.

Ed,Edd and Eddy.

Samurai Jack.

Justice League.


Johny Bravo.


Tom and Jerry.


topic not found :p

It's dark.
i'm scared.

i'm kidding.

i'm funny.

Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, they are met by St. Peter. He says "Sisters, you all led such wonderful lives that I'm granting you six months to go back to earth and be anyone you want to be."

The first nun says, "I want to be Sophia Loren;" and *poof* she's gone.

The second says, "I want to be Madonna;" and *poof* she's gone.

The third says, "I want to be Sara Pipalini."

St. Peter looks perplexed. "Who?" he says.

"Sara Pipalini;" replies the nun.

St. Peter shakes his head and says; "I'm sorry, but that name just doesn't ring a bell."

The nun then takes a newspaper out of her habit and hands it to St. Peter. He reads the paper and starts laughing. He hands it back to her and says "No sister, the paper says it was the 'Sahara Pipeline' that was laid by 1,400 men in 6 months."

it's just a joke.
don't sue me.

Rolling In The Deep.

My eyes burn.
My head aches.
I can't feel my toes.

Coffee is not helping.

I showered four times today.

I ate absolutely nothing.
Okay that's a lie.

The music is not helping.
It just makes me think more.

The movie 'Battleship' starring Rihanna is.....there.
It's not really intriguing but then again,I did not expect it to be.

Adele is shouting her vocal chords out right now.
"...Insiiiiiiiide of your hand..."

I close my eyes.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


I'm scared of blow dryers.
I like boats and elephants.
I can't swim.
I love the sun.
I'm scared of ghosts.
I believe in ghosts.
I love the beach.
I like coffee and hot cocoa.
I don't wear clothes my size.
I hate,HATE ice cream.
I am not that creative,a little on the stupid side.
I ill treat people.
I can't pout.
I can sit down with my dog in the balcony and stare at the surroundings for hours,literally.
I love photography.
I have a phone with a broken screen.
I like heights.
I hate depths.
I like eating.
I'm shy,but I can talk for hours on text.

I am me <3

(L to R) Me and Dhriti :)

P.S-I was on the sea link in Bombay and out of the sunroof with my friends and blasting music.
       It was crazy fun.The sea all around you and wind through your hair.
       The police caught us -_____-

P.P.S-I'll upload the pictures of the 10th a little later.

Monday, 9 April 2012


The Eyes.

I got a haircut.

I like getting haircuts.They get my mind off things.Like,your friend driving you crazy,your mother driving you crazy,your brother driving you crazy,or for the matter,you brother's ex-girlfriend driving you crazy :|

I kinda like my haircut.
Every time I get one,I hate it,but then I gradually grow on it.
This one's pretty nice.
But I still miss my nice,"more-than-shoulder-length-but-shorter-than-my-waist" hair.

Now all my hair's just on my neck.
But it's still nice.

That's all.
Bye :)

P.S-The name of the post is referring to the eyes of the lady who cut my hair.They were hazel with a hint of brown or something.Pretty fascinating,huh?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The "I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing" post :|

"Some people must shut their face,rather than having it broken."
This is genius?
Yeah,that's me!:P

I should become a "quote-maker".
Wait,does that make any sense?
I guess not,but you know what I mean.
Maybe :|


Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm on Love's side.

Someone told me,"Your blog's too lovey-dovey."

So what?
Is it wrong?
I write about love.

 People have these ideas about how love hurts,love sucks,love is pain and stuff like that.Honestly,I don't want to be a teenager bragging about how awesome love is,and how deeply in love I am or how love is life.

Maybe I am doing that.
Am I?

Hearts break.
People are abandoned.
People are cheated on.
People die.

This must not stop you from anything.
 I know everyone has been told that there is a special someone for everyone and everyone has a chance in love.
Let's face it,it's true!

Aah,now I'm going to say something really dramatic and mushy but,

Love is  a gift from God.
I feel stupid now.

Well,love is a gift from God and you can't go around cursing a gift from God just because your past relations haven't worked!
It's never to late to fall in love.

Now,after writing all this,I MAY seem like a stupid teenager crazily in love,but now, it does not matter.Because I do believe in love.

I've seen my parents separate.
It was hard for both of them but being the amazing people they both are,they do have a shot at love :)

P.S-Pray that my mom does not read this.She'll tease me.

Friday, 6 April 2012

I Love This Feeling.


Heaven is being with the person you love,hand in hand,looking up at the night sky with no one to disturb you and with loads of time.

Having a perfect kiss,playing with each other's hair and sitting so close that you can practically feel the person's heartbeat.

Perfect <3

10th April,2012

My exams are getting over on the 10th of April!
Yuhuu :D

Okay,so me and my girls,we planned this super-crazy-awesome day!
Since I've told everyone else about our plan,I needed to tell this to someone else too-My 23 followers-I love you all <3

The day starts at 12:00,when the exam gets over (Independence!)

First,a nice,cheap (hopefully) and simple lunch at Pizza Hut-we all are pizza lovers!

(Sorry about the photo,but this is the Pizza Hut we are going to,in Powai.Doesn't help much,does it?)

(This is the track in Powai.It isn't much,but it's something.)
Paintball :)

Aah,it's small.
And it's not for ages -16.
We'll try to get in.

Bowling in Hakone!!
This is not where we are going.
I did not find a photo,that's all.

Juhu beach :')
Aamchi Mumbai!

Last ,but not the least,Worli Sea Face

This is where you find peace.

This is the car.
In which we travel.
I can't believe we'll have the driver with us but it's okay,we'll entertain him I guess!
Skoda Superb.

We have a sleepover later.
I promise to post our photos!
After 10th obviously! :P

Anyways,bye!! <3

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The heartbreak.

It was perfect.

The feeling of the soft music surrounding her.
The feeling of her favorite Levis.
The feeling of the ice cream slowly melting in her mouth.

But she hated it.

The fact that she was listening to their song without him.
The fact that her Levis felt uncomfortable without them being in his lap.
The fact that she was eating ice cream,which she never ate without being fed by him.

The long and lonely nights dragged by.They never ended.She felt she was in this circle where she is always alone hoping,believing and wishing he'd b back.This went on and on.
It had to end.

"You never told me not to talk to him!",she screamed at the top of her voice,"You said I could do what I want!"."That's so not what I meant.Haven't you heard of sarcasm babe?",he said keeping his cool but dumping his favorite shirts in his bag carelessly.He never did this.He was possessive about his shirts. 

"Hon,I'm sorry.I just never thought you would feel I'd sleep with your best friend.I crossed my limits.",the tone of her voice had changed.It was suddenly as if she had given up.
Given up trying to fight with him.
She never could fight with him.
She knew that.
He knew that.

A thud was heard.
He had left.
Left her alone in this dump.
A dump-her Andheri 3 BHK had become as he left.

She had crossed her limits.
She knew that.
Going with his best friend to the movies alone!
That was wrong.
But nothing had happened,she swore.
She had not told him because she knew he would mind.
The friend,was a jerk,going with his best friend's babe alone for the movies without telling him.

This was screwed up.
Screwed up,big time.

"I'm such a bitch.",she thought.

Blow my heart up.Yeaaahh :D

Drink coffee-Do stupid things faster.
Some people are alive just because its illegal to kill them.
Keep the earth clean,its not "Ur-anus"
Peace never goes out of fashion.

I can't really say something smart .
Don't forget the Hershey's syrup .
I would also add some cake on top if I were you.
Cause life is SWEET.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shit happens.

Awkward moment when you study the wrong chapters for your test :|