Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ta-Ta-Ta-Tasty-Tasty :D

The title is not the name of the poem B-)

We are done,
Done forever.
I'll miss the fun,
The smiles and the laughter.

It ended for  stupid cause,
And I agree it's my fault.
Now,when I step back and take a pause,
I realize it shouldn't have ended.

But you won't take me back!
And if our problems we would've mended,
Today,you would not have seen me cry,
While I was trying to cover up my track.

Trying to make me jealous?
I think your'e winning!
And now I feel like a mess,
All broken and shattered.

And about the things I heard,
I hope they aren't true.
You kept my heart,
My poem and my love.

I just hope for you to be mine,
Don't worry,I'll act as if I'm fine.

Yeah,I'm aware of that. 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Yes,I wrote a post to show you my hatred.If you think you are important,Reuben Chatterjee,you are.Because I have feelings for you-like shit,hatred and shit.Yes,my feelings are shit (Only towards you).Too long? I'll stop.

Fuck you Reuben Chatterjee.
Who is Reuben Chatterjee?
A person who has a bad fuck,a small dick and bad breath.
He dug my bird's fucking grave.
That's right you jackass,you suck.
And I slapped your fucking friend because I thought he did it.
We have some talking to do.
You fucking stupid 4Th grader.
I'm going to punch you in the face.
My mom gave me permission too.

So,how would you feel if that happened to you?
Terrible,I know.

I can't believe I did that.
Good to let it all out.

End of post.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Diamonds are pretty,so are pearls.But nothing's as gorgeous,as me and my girls!:)

Okay so,instead of me going on and on about them.
You can see how awesome they are

Note-I have arranged their names in alphabetical order so that no controversies take place.

She is a girl who can make you laugh,someone you can count on.Wherever she is,whatever she is doing,she'll be there for you.
Yes,she has blue eyes,I know.
Anyways,she is the friend who will be the most enthusiastic about parties,get together's and stuff.She keeps the group together <3
Friends are her life.
She is the "Always-there-for-you" friend

I don't know much about her.But what I know,I love.
She's simple,smart and funny.
I love her tone of voice.
Her simplicity.<3

She can stand up for herself,that's what I love the most about her.
She has confidence :D
Diya,I love you,you still find me rude?

I love the fact that she doesn't care about what people tell her.
Her shorts and her tales<3
She's super-awesome.Must not underestimate herself.
She's hot.
She know it.
This photo is bad.
I know.
And I love how she shouts at people who tell something to one of us :)

She rocks!
Blue-Not a cool colour.
Eminem-Not so cool too.
Her outgoing personality.
Her crazy ideas!
Her plans for all of us!
She know how to party!<3

This pretty thing!
She's not fat (Someone tell her).
I love it that she thinks a lot.
Her decisions are smart.
She laugh at my jokes <3
She gets me.
Like,seriously :)

Her dances <3
The way her tongue comes out when she dances (it's like it's not a part of her body anymore!)<3
She surely knows how to get crazy!

She is cool.
No, seriously,that's what her name means.
She was always there for me,whenever I needed a cake.
She stopped me from making stupid decisions.
Smart,is what she is.<3
Life without her-Lame.

This smarty-pants.
Smart,not-so-funny,cute and smart.
Did I say that already?
Well,she is the one we all go to for advice.
(I'm sorry I don't know the difference between 'Advice' and 'Advise')
Shreya is an amazing listener 
She gets you out of trouble.
Love the chick!<3

Everyone's here but me?
Not happening.
You'll know me right?
Well,if not --> Click here!

I love you all!

P.S-No post on the boys.
       They are ugly.
       Kidding.It's just that they don't read my blog.
       They are stupid.
       I know.
       For not reading my blog.  

       And yes,if you're wondering,all the girls are smart.
       Well,most of them are.

P.P.S-Don't you use the photos!
            Or you are going to have it.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

For all the men out there B-)

"I'd die for a sandwich"
I never got this.So you're telling me you'd die for a sandwich?
You'll eat the sandwich and die or you'll die and eat the sandwich.
Does this make sense?
Do I make sense?
Thought about this during my exam.


7 things for guys to tell/do (to) their girlfriends.

  1. "You have nice legs."
    This helps.
    I'm shit serious.

  2. "You're pretty."
    Not beautiful,hot,sexy or cute.
    'Pretty' is believable

  3. "You're awesome."
    This makes her feel wanted by you.

  4. "I love what we have."
    Simple,but moving.

  5. Hug her.
    You may have heard this a lot but its true.
  6. Hold her waist.
    makes her feel wanted by you.
  7. Tell her you love her every single day.
    Not on text,not on the phone,but face-to-face without joking and fooling around.
This,my friend ,will give you the relationship you want with her.
I think.
No,I'm sure :')

Ha ha,that's not true,in fact,

Women don't know what they want either.
       -P.S I love you

xoxo <3

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I just wanted you to know

I rock
I rock
I rock
I rock

Talk about humility.

Ha ha!!
I wanted you to know I love you all and I love blogging.
You got me addicted.

And I rock.

My exam went great,thanks for asking -_-
Bye! :D :D <3
P.S-Like my new background? It's pretty :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

What's up with me.

My exams are starting from tomorrow.
Kill me now.

Anyways,yesterday one of my relatives expired.
He was not really close to me so it didn't matter to me.He died of diabetes.

Apart from all this,awesome things in my life (I love listing them up) -

  • My friends :').
    Yesterday we played  Holi with Odomos!!
    I've given the links for those who don't know what that means :)
  • Summers are here!


Drinks! (Well,we just have Pepsi but this looked good).

Slumber parties with my girlfriends!<3 

Dates :')

Ice cream! :D

Swimming!! (Well I swim in these crowded unhygienic pools not a lake but this is the only picture I liked)

That's all I guess.I promise to add stuff if I think of something.

That's all.
I MAY disappear.
Don't miss me.
My exams will start that's why.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Sigh-Don't read this-Not a part of my awesome blog

I'm going to stop posting about love.
From tomorrow.

And I'm bored.
Sigh to that too.

This world would be nothing without sigh's.

I love sigh's.

I'm getting you bored.



I am not going to be random.That phase has officially gone.

Getting straight to the point.
I rock.

I'm kidding.
About the "me-stop-being-random part".
Not the "I-rock" part.
I rock.

Here I go with the randomness.
Its adorable isn't it?
Sorry for that.

I've been thinking that all my posts,don't actually make sense (the recent ones).
This is a meaningful post.
It has meaning.



*Evil laugh*

I'm sorry.
I hate this.

Anyway,here's a post with meaning,
*dodges your slap*
I love Justin Bieber
*dodges your slap again*

And I love Andrew Garfield.

And I love Bradley Cooper.

And I love Alex O Loughlin

I ab-so-freaking-totally love Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester

This will go on and on.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hello to my angry birds who are not angry anymore and wish to eat a lemon tart with Hershey's syrup or a spicy flavour.Shit happens.

I'm sorry.
I'm just high.
On sugar. :)

So,the other day,I met a lady.She had blue saliva.Her feet were turned around.She kept itching her head.She was a witch.
That's right,I saw a witch.

I'm kidding.
I long for this day to become an event just like the other marvelous events in my life.

I have to stop with the randomness.
I'm random.
So random.
Get used to it.
It's an order.


Before I start something random, that won't end,here goes-
A Post For My Love.
My dog.
The dog.

Stylo,you rock \m/
I Love You <3
You were there through my stupid break-ups.
You were there when I got my root canal.
You were there when I had to deal with mom-dad.
You were always there since I turned eleven.

I loved you right then when I saw you on my doorstep.
You kept me from falling to pieces.
You listened to my crazy theories and never judged me.
You love me more than I love myself and more than you love yourself.

You rock \m/
I'm gonna make you read this.

<3 Love <3

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I'm bored because I have completed with doing the awesome stuff.

I think I'm the only one who reads my blog.
I feel self centered.
Maybe not.
I feel lonely.
I feel ignored.
Nah, definitely not.
I feel stupid.

I choose to think I'm reserved.
I worry.
About myself.


I love you.

P.S-This is written for a friend.
       Her feelings.
       That's a lie.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

They say,I say

Missed me right? ;)
Anyways,I was busy studying.

Okay,everyone has this "thing" about how their childhood was awesome and thy missed those simple days and stuff.

They say-

"When we fought over toys, not boys.

When there we broken crayons, not hearts.

When you didn't need name brands to be liked.

When you didn't have to do things you didn't want to just to fit in.

When promises were always kept.

When goodbye to our friends usually meant "I'll see you tomorrow". 

When you could be friends with everybody without the awkwardness of a past situation.

Before boys started playing with our emotions & girls didn't stab each other in the back. "

I say-

"Fighting over boys isn't wrong.

Broken hearts is a way of preparation for the harder life ahead.

Being brand-conscious is OKAY.

Nowadays,everyone wants to stand out,right?

Promises are still kept,if not,you're in the wrong circle.

It still does.Age doesn't matter with transfers,right?

Now,that's up to your maturity level and your friends' maturity levels.

You fell for the wrong guy and the made friendship with the wrong girl."

I love my teenage life <3
I know everyone's life is not like mine but they made the choices and can still correct them.
Every moment of life is awesome,and not only some parts-like childhood.I still do the crazy stuff like,watch cartoons,have crazy fears,sing my rhymes and stuff!

Now,I don't want to get sentimental.

Friday, 16 March 2012


We all want a relationship where we can be ourselves and that's just the fact your partner loves the most,

a relationship where your partner does not take advantage of you and loves you also for your inner beauty,

something romantic,a relationship where you want to catch yourself smiling for no reason,

you feel happy,you feel everything in your life is perfect,

a relationship people see,a relationship that lasts forever

and finally a relationship where you know its meant to be.
Its perfect.
You can't live without your partner.

If you have this kind of relationship,don't let go.

Live it.
Feel it.
Love it.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The 'E'


Sorry,random start!

For a random post.

Okay,this post was just to say that something's wrong with my 'E' key.I'll try my best to avoid mistakes but don't mind :)

Bye <3

P.S-Please pray to God to help girls figure out guys.
       Pretty please?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Post That Does Not Involve Me :(

You have to watch this.
First time I opened it-29:59-stopped me from watching it.

Then I heard people talking about it more and more.I thought I would just see it once,I mean,as it is I needed an excuse to get away from the studies as my exams start on the 26th of March.
Yes,this very month.

Okay,as I'm screwing with the seriousness I need to tell you,you won't regret seeing this.I needed this to spread and the only way I could is this-My blog that the universe knows of-Yes,it's true.So please.
Pretty please?

There's not much I want to say about this,I don't know why.

Just Do It .

That felt good :')

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Don't hate me for this :)

Okay,so for all my readers(I like to think I have readers just to feel good about myself),I've created this post so you get to know me better considering the fact that you'll will be a part of my life.
Here goes,

  1. I'm female.And straight.And thirteen.
    Stupid fact, I know.
  2. I looovee the color orange.It's not just a favorite color,it's much more to me.It's awesome!
  3. I'm shit scared of honey bee's.They're just evil and they'll take over the world one day and all we'll be able to do is "Buzzzz"
  4. I love my friends,probably every teenager thinks this but my friends seriously rock!
  5. P.S I love you-Best.Movie.Ever.
    I'm actually going to write a post about this movie sometime.
  6. I love my hair.It looks nice everyday!I mean many girls say they love it when their hair looks nice,I never get it.My hair looks nice everyday.Seriously.
  7. I'm not humble.You probably got that -_-

  9. I cry,a lot.I cry when I'm hurt,when I'm bored,when I think of bee's.Yeah,I just cry and I love it.
  10. Ranbir Kapoor is my soul mate.No,don't want your comments on this one,I know it's true,he just has to know I exist.
  11. I love examinations.It brings out the best in people.A post about this sometime too,I promise.
  12. Okay,I don't want this to go on and on.You'll probably get bored of me,though I'm fun,ask my friends!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Complete fiction.

He opened the door and walked in.She followed silently.It was going to happen.It had to happen..She knew it.They had been talking about this for days.It was right,they both knew.

She could see him walking down the stairs,the way his body moved in a rhythmic manner.He was beautiful.His hair was shining and fell, almost with no effort ,on his neck perfectly. She was glad to have him.He turned back and looked at her,standing there as an elegant girl.Her hair,open and her eyes were full of life but with a hint of subtlety.He knew she was the one for him.He'd always known.

She walked down the stairs gracefully with a simple but beautiful smile on her face.They looked at each other,seeing their world in front of them.Smiles settled in,love settled in.They held hands and walked down the stairs.His hands could sense her fear.He held her hand tight giving her assurance of their perfect world and how much she meant to him.

She stopped.He looked at her with confusion but knew it was happening.She took both his hands,pulled him near her and placed them on her waist.Her hands left his hands, which were placed "Oh! So Perfectly" on her waist,and rose to his hair.She could feel his hair between her fingers.

She giggled.He looked at her and smiled.Their foreheads met.Their hearts raced.Their noses touched each other sweetly and their lips met.

They never felt this way before.Their knees grew week.They were lost.Completely unaware of the surroundings of the building staircase.She could feel his love now.She never felt better.He was perfect.Everything was perfect.

They moved back to catch their breaths and looked at each other.This very moment was when they knew they were gonna last forever,they knew thy were meant for each other,they knew that what they have is love.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Better safe than sorry

I saw this movie today called,"Never Let Me Go."
It was Bea-Uti-Ful! Starring-Keira Knightley,Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.

It's about these clones made to be organ donors and how they eventually fall in and out of love.It shows that love and hopes lives in all of us,some show it ,some don't.It moves you from within.The deep and intense style makes you wonder of what lives in this world beyond hatred,anger, resentment and disappointment.

Hope is what it is.Faith is what it is.Humanity is what it is.It brings out the soft,nourishing and grand part in you.Makes you feel better about this place we call 'Earth'.It assures you that something,somewhere out there will make you feel glad that you live.That special thing or person will move you.It may be a movie,or a person or even a pair of Lois Vuitton shoes.You HAVE a reason to live.

It's a movie where you don't sit with your family or partner or your best friend.It's a movie you watch alone with your phone aside,with your Pj's and a warm cozy blanket,like I did.After watching the movie,you'll have something to think bout at night other than your dates with your celebrity crush ( I know you do,we all do).

And the movie was originally a book written by Kazuo Ishigoro.I know I should have mentioned this earlier.Apologies.I would have uploaded the photo of the book but I'm too lazy I couldn't find it.


Friday, 9 March 2012


I don't know why I'm doing this.
I practically suck.
Okay,I do suck.

But I've read blogs that were worse.I don't know if I should say this but they make me feel better about myself.

You know what! You know what! You know what!
I gave my Value Education paper today! Nailed it xD
Anyways,what I'm saying is I had to write something about humility and the girl next to who I was seated looked up to me and said,"What the fuck is humility?"

I give up on this country.

People who get a decent amount of education turn out to be shit pots watching shitty movies where they talk about shit.


I am ashamed to learn in a school where people ask me whats "humility" and whats "exaggeration."
It's,what do you call it,shameful.I guess.

And lastly,the title does not really relate to this post.It's probably a title for a post where a girl is talking about her shitty inspiring story of how she became successful by being humble but turns out to be the exact opposite while writing the post.

Okay,what I did up there was shit!
See how it feels?
Being in a place where there is shit!

I am going to stop now.
Your lucky day I guess!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"Can I have some cake?" "No,you'll grow fatter"

People call me fat.Literally.

Honestly,I don't think I'm fat.It's just that I wear like really loose clothes that makes me look on the heavier side.

The reason I don't wear clothes my size is that the boys I know over here are like real sick.They HAVE to comment over the girl's *Ahem* private parts.Its so annoying!It's like wearing something you love but having the feeling that someone is always looking at you and giggling.I honestly can't live with that.

I have been told by a number of boys about my parts,RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!Do they have some shame or what!? There's this friend of mine,whose name I won't take but let's call him "White",who told me,Quote-Why are your's the biggest-Unquote.After I gave him a piece of my mind,he started talking about other girl's parts!I told this to his girlfriend (I can't believe he has one),and she was damn pissed too!I mean anyone would be right?Since that day,I am very conscious of what I wear and it's the same with the other girls too.Can't boys just be happy with porn?They just HAVE to stick their "not-so-important" views on our faces!

When I told this to my mom,she was like "It should not matter.You wear clothes for yourself or for the men?"I know she is right but when I feel White's eyes all over me,it's sickening.I was given more advice,"Stay away from White."I wish I could but I can't.Nobody likes the poor fellow.He is hated by everyone for som or the other reason.So,technically,I pity and hate a person at the same time!

I'll figure this out eventually,I guess.