Thursday, 29 March 2012

Diamonds are pretty,so are pearls.But nothing's as gorgeous,as me and my girls!:)

Okay so,instead of me going on and on about them.
You can see how awesome they are

Note-I have arranged their names in alphabetical order so that no controversies take place.

She is a girl who can make you laugh,someone you can count on.Wherever she is,whatever she is doing,she'll be there for you.
Yes,she has blue eyes,I know.
Anyways,she is the friend who will be the most enthusiastic about parties,get together's and stuff.She keeps the group together <3
Friends are her life.
She is the "Always-there-for-you" friend

I don't know much about her.But what I know,I love.
She's simple,smart and funny.
I love her tone of voice.
Her simplicity.<3

She can stand up for herself,that's what I love the most about her.
She has confidence :D
Diya,I love you,you still find me rude?

I love the fact that she doesn't care about what people tell her.
Her shorts and her tales<3
She's super-awesome.Must not underestimate herself.
She's hot.
She know it.
This photo is bad.
I know.
And I love how she shouts at people who tell something to one of us :)

She rocks!
Blue-Not a cool colour.
Eminem-Not so cool too.
Her outgoing personality.
Her crazy ideas!
Her plans for all of us!
She know how to party!<3

This pretty thing!
She's not fat (Someone tell her).
I love it that she thinks a lot.
Her decisions are smart.
She laugh at my jokes <3
She gets me.
Like,seriously :)

Her dances <3
The way her tongue comes out when she dances (it's like it's not a part of her body anymore!)<3
She surely knows how to get crazy!

She is cool.
No, seriously,that's what her name means.
She was always there for me,whenever I needed a cake.
She stopped me from making stupid decisions.
Smart,is what she is.<3
Life without her-Lame.

This smarty-pants.
Smart,not-so-funny,cute and smart.
Did I say that already?
Well,she is the one we all go to for advice.
(I'm sorry I don't know the difference between 'Advice' and 'Advise')
Shreya is an amazing listener 
She gets you out of trouble.
Love the chick!<3

Everyone's here but me?
Not happening.
You'll know me right?
Well,if not --> Click here!

I love you all!

P.S-No post on the boys.
       They are ugly.
       Kidding.It's just that they don't read my blog.
       They are stupid.
       I know.
       For not reading my blog.  

       And yes,if you're wondering,all the girls are smart.
       Well,most of them are.

P.P.S-Don't you use the photos!
            Or you are going to have it.

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