Wednesday, 28 March 2012

For all the men out there B-)

"I'd die for a sandwich"
I never got this.So you're telling me you'd die for a sandwich?
You'll eat the sandwich and die or you'll die and eat the sandwich.
Does this make sense?
Do I make sense?
Thought about this during my exam.


7 things for guys to tell/do (to) their girlfriends.

  1. "You have nice legs."
    This helps.
    I'm shit serious.

  2. "You're pretty."
    Not beautiful,hot,sexy or cute.
    'Pretty' is believable

  3. "You're awesome."
    This makes her feel wanted by you.

  4. "I love what we have."
    Simple,but moving.

  5. Hug her.
    You may have heard this a lot but its true.
  6. Hold her waist.
    makes her feel wanted by you.
  7. Tell her you love her every single day.
    Not on text,not on the phone,but face-to-face without joking and fooling around.
This,my friend ,will give you the relationship you want with her.
I think.
No,I'm sure :')

Ha ha,that's not true,in fact,

Women don't know what they want either.
       -P.S I love you

xoxo <3

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