Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I want a better world.

I rubbed my eyes.
I blinked once or twice.
I smiled.

Chalo,ab ye senti baate chhodo.I basically wanted to write about school.Not about how I have cruel and terrible amazing teachers who don't know English,not about the stale delicious canteen food,I wanted to write about the days.

I mean we can't get only two holidays! AND FIVE SCHOOL DAYS!It should be like,you know,4 school days and three holidays.See,I'm not being a stubborn child and asking for more holidays,all I'm saying is we need to rest! 

Or maybe something like three school days three holidays and one day where we go to school and have a free day,like maybe w just play the whole day with teachers,go out on picnics,or shit like that.

It'd be so school!

I swear,if kids ruled the world....


  1. it seems as if yu read my mind before writing this :D
    lets follow each other?:)

  2. I have school on Sundays.
    I'm praying to Good for a holiday now.:'(
    I miss the previous school year.
    I miss having a weekend! :O

  3. Haha, Loved this post. Made me miss school. Like MAD. :)