Saturday, 21 April 2012

The sad,sad post.

Life is just not fair.
Me,being the girl who was in love with her life more than anyone could be,says this.

Sometimes people hurt you and get away with it.They are everything you need,everything you want,and they just leave.

Like, *Poof*
And gone :(

Hurts like hell and moves you from within in ways you can't imagine.

Actually,being hurt actually is an amazing lesson in life. (OhMyGod! I sound so lame.)
You should experience loss,abandonment or heart-breaks.Sounds crazy,huh?It is,crazy but true.

You never experience sad feelings-->Never experience life.

Life is all about this.Try and avoid,but it comes right back at you!Life seem perfect,you have tears of happiness,and then something happens.Why does God have to work this way?
I'm glad he does though.
Now,I feel I know what's right,how I should trust people.

Everyone I've ever loved truly till now has eventually left me.(Including my dad,just walked out of the house.)
I have changed my outlook on the world.Every time I'm actually happy in life,it goes.

Maybe I should just accept this,or I should wait for a miracle to take place.

Or maybe,just maybe,I have super cool powers and I'm chosen to save the world from The Flood again.

Anyways,my eyes have now opened,looking at the harsh realities of life and my mind has now awoken, training itself for the future.

I love you all.Don't ever leave me?


  1. You don't sound Lame.
    Its a true thing.

    Pain, Sorrow, Misery & abandonment are part of a life. Its not about how much in pain we are, how much sorrow we have to engulf, how much misery awaits us. Life's about learning from the sheer examples which life teaches us in a bitter way which is not at all pleasant.

    Glad that you have a new perspective on Life.
    & I too wish I had some Super Powers. :P

    Keep Writing.
    Take Care.
    - Your new Follower. :)

  2. Thank you :)
    And I do have super powers.
    Nah! I'm kidding.

    You really have deep insights! :o
    I like that :)

  3. Really ? ME? Deep Insights ?
    Nah! I doubt that.

    - AK

    1. Oh,okay then :P
      I thought.
      P.S-People call me AK!:O

    2. *dodges your pinch like a ninja and pinches you instead*

    3. Oh No!
      I am quicker and faster!
      *Escapes you pinch and pinches you back*!

      By the way I just stumbled upon your blog is.. "thisisthe..." !
      I must say you write very fast. 24 Posts in 24 days in this month. That's fast for a newbie !

    4. *laughs at you because you're pinch doesn't really hurt much*

      I'm just excited about this blog.I feel like posting something every.single.moment.

    5. Oh! It doesn't?
      All My effort gone waste! :/

      Thats' good.
      Keep 'em coming. :)

  4. AWESOME :D You dont act this mature downstairs tho! :|

  5. AWESOME :D You dont act this mature downstairs tho! :|