Friday, 20 April 2012

The guy with the A-B-C

So the other day I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she was telling me about this teacher she has in her school and about how awesome he is. Cool guy, yeah. I kind of thought that I would also love a teacher who is awesome and not like the other teachers I have in school right now who are completely boring, not amusing and those who don’t have a life at all.

Yes, he. He would be this super awesome guy who teaches me History. Why History? Because-
  •         I suck at history.
  •         History does not need much teaching and it has more chances of starting up conversations.
  •          History teachers usually have an unusual history and they are kind of artistic or something.

He should have this staggering sense of humor .He must get along with every child, understand every child.


He must have this shimmer in his eyes that gets the child’s brain thinking. He should use his hands, show actions while teaching. Teachers in my school just sit on the chair and murmur some words hazily. Pathetic, I must say, pathetic. He should bring charts and all, yeah, that’d be fun .You know, the colorful stuff with pretty fonts and all.

He should not be good looking. Not hideous too. He should just be well turned-out and average. I don’t want to be focusing on him rather than History. He should have a nice physique though so that the shirts he wears (or t shirts for the matter) look perfect. He should have a nice pair of shoes; I always had a thing for men with nice shoes. A rusty beard maybe and yeah, a hat too!

VoilĂ !

He should like me particularly too.

I wish I had a teacher like this. :(
I really do.

P.S-I said my imaginary teacher must be "WELL TURNED-OUT".I'm losing it.