Saturday, 10 March 2012

I saw this movie today called,"Never Let Me Go."
It was Bea-Uti-Ful! Starring-Keira Knightley,Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.

It's about these clones made to be organ donors and how they eventually fall in and out of love.It shows that love and hopes lives in all of us,some show it ,some don't.It moves you from within.The deep and intense style makes you wonder of what lives in this world beyond hatred,anger, resentment and disappointment.

Hope is what it is.Faith is what it is.Humanity is what it is.It brings out the soft,nourishing and grand part in you.Makes you feel better about this place we call 'Earth'.It assures you that something,somewhere out there will make you feel glad that you live.That special thing or person will move you.It may be a movie,or a person or even a pair of Lois Vuitton shoes.You HAVE a reason to live.

It's a movie where you don't sit with your family or partner or your best friend.It's a movie you watch alone with your phone aside,with your Pj's and a warm cozy blanket,like I did.After watching the movie,you'll have something to think bout at night other than your dates with your celebrity crush ( I know you do,we all do).

And the movie was originally a book written by Kazuo Ishigoro.I know I should have mentioned this earlier.Apologies.I would have uploaded the photo of the book but I'm too lazy I couldn't find it.


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