Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hello to my angry birds who are not angry anymore and wish to eat a lemon tart with Hershey's syrup or a spicy flavour.Shit happens.

I'm sorry.
I'm just high.
On sugar. :)

So,the other day,I met a lady.She had blue saliva.Her feet were turned around.She kept itching her head.She was a witch.
That's right,I saw a witch.

I'm kidding.
I long for this day to become an event just like the other marvelous events in my life.

I have to stop with the randomness.
I'm random.
So random.
Get used to it.
It's an order.


Before I start something random, that won't end,here goes-
A Post For My Love.
My dog.
The dog.

Stylo,you rock \m/
I Love You <3
You were there through my stupid break-ups.
You were there when I got my root canal.
You were there when I had to deal with mom-dad.
You were always there since I turned eleven.

I loved you right then when I saw you on my doorstep.
You kept me from falling to pieces.
You listened to my crazy theories and never judged me.
You love me more than I love myself and more than you love yourself.

You rock \m/
I'm gonna make you read this.

<3 Love <3

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