Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"Can I have some cake?" "No,you'll grow fatter"

People call me fat.Literally.

Honestly,I don't think I'm fat.It's just that I wear like really loose clothes that makes me look on the heavier side.

The reason I don't wear clothes my size is that the boys I know over here are like real sick.They HAVE to comment over the girl's *Ahem* private parts.Its so annoying!It's like wearing something you love but having the feeling that someone is always looking at you and giggling.I honestly can't live with that.

I have been told by a number of boys about my parts,RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!Do they have some shame or what!? There's this friend of mine,whose name I won't take but let's call him "White",who told me,Quote-Why are your's the biggest-Unquote.After I gave him a piece of my mind,he started talking about other girl's parts!I told this to his girlfriend (I can't believe he has one),and she was damn pissed too!I mean anyone would be right?Since that day,I am very conscious of what I wear and it's the same with the other girls too.Can't boys just be happy with porn?They just HAVE to stick their "not-so-important" views on our faces!

When I told this to my mom,she was like "It should not matter.You wear clothes for yourself or for the men?"I know she is right but when I feel White's eyes all over me,it's sickening.I was given more advice,"Stay away from White."I wish I could but I can't.Nobody likes the poor fellow.He is hated by everyone for som or the other reason.So,technically,I pity and hate a person at the same time!

I'll figure this out eventually,I guess.