Sunday, 3 June 2012

Such dreams.


U.K creates the best boy bands ever! The Wanted,One Direction..I mean it's unfair.All these cute men with nice voices singing together,it's unfair to the other men.

The Wanted

One Direction
These men,they sing such cute songs for girls,you know like Justin Bieber.You've seen the video of One Less Lonely Girl? He's like the sweetest in that.And the men in real life,they suck.They give vada paavs to their girlfriends on Valentines Day. :/

It may sound cute,it isn't.

These people give us girls such dreams of a perfect guy!

Like,you know how I want a guy to propose to me? Let me tell you.

The bell rings late at night.A cake would be lying down home saying, "Will you be mine? From- __________" and there will be this piece of paper saying, "Yes ,no or maybe "

I'll tick on Maybe and send the paper out. Take the cake in =P

The bell rings and there is this basket of brownies and there is a big card saying,"Please?" and  a small paper with the options of Yes and Yes written.

I take the brownies inside and tick on a Yes.

The bell rings again.There is this awesome dress and there will be a small card saying "Meet me tomorrow morning at ________ wearing the dress.I love you forever and always."

P.S-I'm like super glad I've started writing something although it doesn't make much sense =P


  1. LOL. I was in love with Tom Parker of The Wanted, once. =P

  2. And I thought I was the only one with weird Romantic fantasies.xD