Friday, 22 June 2012

Hooked on to your soul.

It's not the fact that she isn't there that's annoying him.It's not the fact,that she left him alone or she just doesn't seem to care anymore.It's the memories.

His mind is filled with the tiniest things about her,every single habit of hers,every single smell,the way she used to go all the way just so he could smile-everything put together is what's on his mind.He tries to move on but,the memories stop him.The moment he thinks he has accomplished it,he just gets pulled back to all those memories,those happy days.It's like he does not want to move on,he just does not want to let go,because somewhere deep down in his heart,he knows that it's too good to let go.It's too good to forget about and act like nothing's happened.

With all that past,it just does not seem right.Now,every single thing reminds him of her,of how she used to talk,the way her lips felt.He was not letting go ever.He would wait,no matter how long it takes because he knows that even though she has someone better now,she still feels the same way.

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