Sunday, 13 May 2012

A mother is a person who can annoy the shit out of you,and love you at the same time,maybe?

So,today's mother's day.I don't know why I'm blogging on this topic cuz I didn't do much today with my mother.Went out for lunch,got some t shirts and yeah,that's about that.I can't say I was bored,but I can't say it was fun either.It was a change I guess.I don't remember the last time I seriously went out with her.

I had good food.
That's what I remember.

I don't know why I don't get all mushy with my mom,I guess teenagers as a whole don't get mushy with their parents.I run when she hugs me,and when she says 'I love you',I'm like,'Everyone loves me,I'm awesome.'
Whenever we talk,I'm either making fun of her in a very very very juvenile manner.

I'm not saying I hate her,but I just can't say 'I love you.'Even to my dad you know!

My heart's not made of stone cuz I'm like a hopeless romantic.I love romantic movies,books and all,but with my parents (mostly my mom),I'm a brick. :/

I guess I'll get over this phase,no?
Maybe it's just another 'teenage' thing.



  1. It is..I'm always like 'Mommmaaa I lawwwvvv you!' and she's like 'chup ho jao.' :P

  2. It happens. And same is with me.
    I don't even like Romantic movies/books and all. Does that mean my heart is made of stone? May be, it is.

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  5. Story of my life. *Sigh*