Friday, 25 May 2012

Deep blue sea.Did you say deep?

So,I read something somewhere (don't ask,not saying) and it reminded me of something.

A conversation.

Friend:What are you afraid of?
Me:I'm awesome.I'm scared that I'll lose that because the world will one day torture me for being too awesome,and ultimately,they'll steal my awesomeness and distribute it to the chickens,who need to be awesome.

Nah,that did not happen,seriously.But when I came to think of it,

I'm afraid of  Depths.

Yes,you'll must have heard people being afraid of heights,but depths?It's just that it's like depths are consuming,you know what I mean? They hold you in,not letting you go.Sometimes you just go so deep down,that you can't come up anymore,you are held unwillingly.It's suffocating.Layers above you,and you are watching from down,helplessly.You see the world above,and you wonder how much deeper will you go?-the though itself makes you shudder.

Deep down,what is it waiting for us? The purpose of life? You can fall down,deeper and deeper wondering where this journey ends.The simple idea of going someplace unknown that is down under somewhere,having ideas float above you,is scary.When I come to think of it,I get goosebumps.

Sounds so evil,no?


  1. Interesting perspective.
    Never thoughts of depths in such a way. And you're right in every aspect. But are they evil, I still don't know. Or may be they are.

    1. That's just my view.Maybe they aren't that evil,just fascinating in a scary way or something.

  2. How do you ever swim? :O
    I kinda get it though.
    I'm afraid of the dark.
    It's really blinding,and like you said,surrounds you in layers.
    You have no idea of it's boundaries and limits.
    Do I make sense? :P

    1. Uhhm,this is embarrassing but-I can't swim. And you make sense =)

  3. Big deal.I dunno how to ride a bicycle.
    Embarassed much anymore?
    I also don't like tying laces.I'm not good at it!
    and Sometimes I'm scared to light a matchstick.
    Haha.I'm such a freak.xD
    But I'm a really good Swimmer.:P

    1. You're welcome and I'm afraid of lighting a matchstick too! =P

  4. I'm scared I'll either burn myself or the house.xD
    I always get someone else to light it even in the Chemistry lab.:P