Thursday, 24 May 2012


So,some of my fellow bloggers did this post where you play a song in the background and then read what I've written.I thought of doing the same,I mean I tried.Anyways,to those who already did this kind of post-I'm not copying you! I just thought of trying it!

So this is the song (click here) and wait for it to buffer completely,and when done,start reading,

There's a brunette in her mid 20s.She's wearing a black leather jacket and skin tight jeans with some red pumps to follow.She is walking on the dark street alone ,late at night.When she walks,you hear a slight noise made from her shoes.She is dressed completely in black (the jacket and her jeans),but the red pumps give her a bold look.She walks down the street and she sees a faint figure of a man ahead of her.She panics.She is scared now.She's afraid about what she's going to do.She looks down,and walks again.

Now,she can get a closer look at the man.He seemed like a father,in his early 40s and a bit of a belly.He wore a cap and he looked like he could hit someone really bad.He had a rusty beard too.

As he came closer,he looked in her eyes.He passed by without giving much attention.She turned back and stabbed the man with a knife she had been holding.She felt better.She left the man dead there and walked along,she threw the knife there,near the crime scene .She had gained her revenge from the man,the man who killed her and her mother.She gave an evil smile and smirked to herself.
A little boy had been watching this from a small building above.The girl looked at him and winked.

She slowly disappeared into the air.The boy who saw all this,smiled too.