Wednesday, 18 April 2012



Yesterday I was below my building,waiting for the lift to come and I saw one man walking down the stairs.He had a goatee or something and well,he as 'okay-looking'.He had these weirdly big eyes and he was wearing his t-shirt  inside out :O

Anyways,he was followed by his wife (I'm guessing) and she was quite pretty.I mean fair skin,brown eyes and hair falling down her shoulders,she was wearing this awesomely orange tee that fit her physique perfectly.I should stop describing her like this now.

They made a cute couple.

They were followed by their son (I'm guessing.Again).He tried making his way down the stairs with his teeny-tiny feet.He must be two and a half years or something.
He said "Shit!"

The lady said "Who taught you that word?"
"Papa",said the child.

She gave a look to the man and said, "Seriously,'Shit?'"
"I did not teach him that",replied the man with an embarrassed face.

The child walked down saying, "Shit.Shit.Shit.Shit."

"QUIET ROONEY!",screamed the man.

I giggled and off I went to my dead house.

P.S-They named their child Rooney.Who does that huh? :O