Sunday, 25 March 2012

What's up with me.

My exams are starting from tomorrow.
Kill me now.

Anyways,yesterday one of my relatives expired.
He was not really close to me so it didn't matter to me.He died of diabetes.

Apart from all this,awesome things in my life (I love listing them up) -

  • My friends :').
    Yesterday we played  Holi with Odomos!!
    I've given the links for those who don't know what that means :)
  • Summers are here!


Drinks! (Well,we just have Pepsi but this looked good).

Slumber parties with my girlfriends!<3 

Dates :')

Ice cream! :D

Swimming!! (Well I swim in these crowded unhygienic pools not a lake but this is the only picture I liked)

That's all I guess.I promise to add stuff if I think of something.

That's all.
I MAY disappear.
Don't miss me.
My exams will start that's why.


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