Tuesday, 20 March 2012

They say,I say

Missed me right? ;)
Anyways,I was busy studying.

Okay,everyone has this "thing" about how their childhood was awesome and thy missed those simple days and stuff.

They say-

"When we fought over toys, not boys.

When there we broken crayons, not hearts.

When you didn't need name brands to be liked.

When you didn't have to do things you didn't want to just to fit in.

When promises were always kept.

When goodbye to our friends usually meant "I'll see you tomorrow". 

When you could be friends with everybody without the awkwardness of a past situation.

Before boys started playing with our emotions & girls didn't stab each other in the back. "

I say-

"Fighting over boys isn't wrong.

Broken hearts is a way of preparation for the harder life ahead.

Being brand-conscious is OKAY.

Nowadays,everyone wants to stand out,right?

Promises are still kept,if not,you're in the wrong circle.

It still does.Age doesn't matter with transfers,right?

Now,that's up to your maturity level and your friends' maturity levels.

You fell for the wrong guy and the made friendship with the wrong girl."

I love my teenage life <3
I know everyone's life is not like mine but they made the choices and can still correct them.
Every moment of life is awesome,and not only some parts-like childhood.I still do the crazy stuff like,watch cartoons,have crazy fears,sing my rhymes and stuff!

Now,I don't want to get sentimental.