Sunday, 11 March 2012

Complete fiction.

He opened the door and walked in.She followed silently.It was going to happen.It had to happen..She knew it.They had been talking about this for days.It was right,they both knew.

She could see him walking down the stairs,the way his body moved in a rhythmic manner.He was beautiful.His hair was shining and fell, almost with no effort ,on his neck perfectly. She was glad to have him.He turned back and looked at her,standing there as an elegant girl.Her hair,open and her eyes were full of life but with a hint of subtlety.He knew she was the one for him.He'd always known.

She walked down the stairs gracefully with a simple but beautiful smile on her face.They looked at each other,seeing their world in front of them.Smiles settled in,love settled in.They held hands and walked down the stairs.His hands could sense her fear.He held her hand tight giving her assurance of their perfect world and how much she meant to him.

She stopped.He looked at her with confusion but knew it was happening.She took both his hands,pulled him near her and placed them on her waist.Her hands left his hands, which were placed "Oh! So Perfectly" on her waist,and rose to his hair.She could feel his hair between her fingers.

She giggled.He looked at her and smiled.Their foreheads met.Their hearts raced.Their noses touched each other sweetly and their lips met.

They never felt this way before.Their knees grew week.They were lost.Completely unaware of the surroundings of the building staircase.She could feel his love now.She never felt better.He was perfect.Everything was perfect.

They moved back to catch their breaths and looked at each other.This very moment was when they knew they were gonna last forever,they knew thy were meant for each other,they knew that what they have is love.

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