Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sincere Apology

I know I disappear for a while,I write shit for a while,I rant (a lot),so I'm just gonna say sorry.The posts below are full of crap,so I suggest you not to read them.No,seriously.

So,moving on,I want to tell you'll about this guy in school,a good friend of mine.We'll call him,uhm,Bayer.
So,yeah,Bayer is this popular guy,all teachers love him,all girl are crazy about him and the boys are dying to win him as a friend.He has it all-looks,personality,humor.
But there was a catch.He didn't know of love.He had never loved,never even looked at a girl.He wasn't queer for sure but,I don't know,he was too sorted to be in love.Get what I'm saying?

And,on the other hand there was this chick.She was,what's the word for it? -A whore.I'm not being mean,I swear! She is a year younger to us,but she has dated almost half the school (considering the other half is the female population)

And guess what?Bayer fell for her.It's so weird.I mean,all this time,all of us were just waiting to see who will be 'the' girl and all,and its HER!?
That's so strange.But they seem happy you know.Let's see if they last.