Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Topics are getting out of hand xD

Sometimes,a small sentence said by someone sticks forever.

  • You have nice legs
  • It's beautiful when you smile,but it's even more beautiful when you smile beacuse of me.
  • You don't fall but rise in love.
Yeah,that's been said to me.There are many more statements like that,that I'll never forget.We all have our moments in life that we never forget.

Now,my friends,let's go off topic.

I'm wearing this super loose T-shirt and my PJ's.My hair's all messed up in pushed in a high pony kind of thing.I have not showered :(

Let's go off this topic too. :)

I want to go shopping so bad.Aah! It's not even funny :|

Now,completely off topic.

I like owls.

And you think your life sucks.

So,bye now.:)


  1. Hahahahahaaa, that pic = genius! =D
    And yeah, a lot of things said to us, they remain with us forever :) xx

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