Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sometimes,a little of yourself won't cause something evil,just something making you happy :)

Being alone isn't that bad.

I was up all night reading,thinking-stuff I hadn't done since forever maybe.I thought about stuff that I had completely forgotten.

I started feeling smart,mature,better about myself.I stared at the sky from the balcony.I smiled.I felt happy,like really happy.I had not felt like this since a long time.I had so much on my plate ,I had forgotten to look after myself.I was more worried about other people in my life.I'm not saying I'm the "thinking-about-others-only" kind of girl,trust me I'm very selfish,but I was more engrossed in others' lives.

I thought about what I actually want to do in life (I know I'm only 14 but still).
I did not come up with really nice stuff but I thought about my life.I realized I was so much into parties and outings and friends and God knows what not,that I kinda forgot about ME.

Very vital conclusion-I rock and you can't change that.


  1. Ehhh,I know the feeling.
    Sometimes being alone is really really REALLY nice.
    Gosh, you must think I'm stalking you or something -__-
    Anyway, you're buying more books whereas I go for stupid classes, coz is saal 12th boards hai. Uff =\
    Enjoy your summer !

    1. Haha,you're not stalking me..I like it that you READ my posts :)
      And boards ki tension mat lo,I'm sure you'll do well..
      And you enjoy your summers too :D

  2. I love that you keep posting. It keeps me entertained. :)

    1. Oh thank God!
      I really post a lot and I'm glad someone appreciates it :P

    2. I know how it feels..I had this phase when I had nothing better to do so I posted like crazy now I take a little longer.

    3. Maybe I'll get there :)

  3. It means that you're growing up and you're having a chance to think about yourself and what you want to do in your Life.

    Read your previous posts too, but didn't know what to comment on that. Sry ! :(

    Anyways, enjoy your Summer and keep posting.

  4. This might sound strange.
    But I did something like this the night I turned Sixteen.
    It was quite recent.:)
    I read my favourite books,and thought about what I really want.:)