Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Rainbow.

So,this post has seven different colors of the rainbow and each color says something different.I'm doing something like this for the first time so please don't locate me and punch me in the face.i appreciate that,thanks :) Yellow is not readable sorry.

So,I've been spending a lot of time with my girlies <3
It's turning out to be loads of fun but secrets come out :/
That part kinda sucks.

We had a sleepover last night at my place and we had great fun!
My mom does Tarot,so we did that and all.
We did some crazy stuff too.Went down at 2 in the morning looking for Maggi =P

I decided to make this thing called God Box. Heard of it?
Well,you write all your worries and problems on a piece of paper and put in your God Box.
The box should be something which is majestic and it must be appealing to YOU.

So,you put all your worries there and then the Divine helps you to tackle them and then after a few weeks,you empty your box and either bury the letters or burn them.

I can't wait to go to Carter Road on the 26th! For the first time,the whole group will be there together and we'll enjoy =D I mean,Carters Blue's shorma is amaaazing!!

Then we'll enjoy Bandstand.The sea <3 Okay,I shall stop about this.
 But we'll have so much fun you know!! :)

I don't really have clothes too wear.I mean,seriously.
I'm not complaining like every girl complains about not having clothes but having a hell lot of them.
I seriously don't have clothes.

I have casuals but when I go out,I'm like :|

I like Yellow,really.
So my vacations are about to end.So fast =(
I mean,I'm excited to go to school and all,but the feeling of vacations is different.

The sleeping all day,not having a bath for 3 days,eating junk,staying at a friend's place the whole day,internet always being on,it's kinda fun.

I love orange <3

I read this somewhere-
I approached a kid and asked "What is love?"
The kid answered "Love is when a puppy licks your face."

I laughed,but then he added,"Even after you left him alone all day."

And then I was like,"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

 Okay,I don't know what to write here.

How was this post?  


  1. VIBGYOR-ish !
    Random things written carefully in different colors which is pretty cool, I think.

    1. Thanks a lot! =)
      I was really nervous about this post!

  2. TAROT??!! Hello, I need to locate you ASAP :D
    That box thing sounds good, so I HAVE to burn it? Irrespective of whether those things got solved or not?
    Carter road is awesomeness :D Bandstand, srk, Mad over donuts, the sea, salty air! <3
    And I loved the post! Truly :]

    1. =P Well you have to burn it,even if those things are solved,so that they never come again..And I love Carter Road too!!!! <3
      And thanks =)

  3. OMG dude I was writing something so similar! :O
    I shall mail it! :D

    1. Okay,now I really want to know!
      Mail it to me fast!