Sunday, 6 May 2012


My elder brother has from ADHD.Yes,special child.Ever since I was born it was all about him.Never me.His marks,his books,his comments,it was like I was just a side kick in the whole friggin family.I hate it.

Then Adarsh(My brother) flunked in the seventh grade.That's when I was forgotten,like completely.I just did not matter anymore.My marks started decreasing and no one noticed.

My dad left us last year.Just walked out.My mom and dad are now getting a divorce and Adarsh flunked ninth grade.He is shifting to Pune from Mumbai.So now at home,it's gonna be my mom,my dog and me.I have no idea how I'm gonna live.

My mom and I don't really get along.
At all.

So,I've been dragged to Pune with Adarsh to "spend some time with him as he's leaving."
And he's feeling pathetic.

I just want to get to Mumbai and sleep on my bed.
In my room.
With my dog who is in Mumbai now,away from me :(

I can't say life sucks but I can surely say it is nowhere close to nice.


  1. Oh, thats' sad.
    Don't worry, You will be just fine.

    Take Care of yourself. :)

  2. Thats really sad!
    It will turn good Don't worry!

  3. I feel for you.
    I've got family problems too.They just suck,don't they?
    Sometimes I wonder if my family's ever going to get along.
    It worries me.
    But it'll all make sense someday.It'll be alright.:)