Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blogs and other not-so-appealing stuff on the net.

So,I've been going through some pretty cool blogs recently.Nice backgrounds,pretty fonts and the usual.I started wondering what do people think when they come across my blog?
Is is nice?
Is the font readable?
Is the background appealing?

And most importantly..
Is my writing good?

Well,first of all,I blog for my own selfish reasons. :)
But,on the other hand,if people read my blog,it should atleast be satisfactory huh?

I don't want my blog to be like one random thing on the net.It is something,you know.

I love my blog.


  1. It is your writing that is appealing!

  2. Your blog is nice.

    ^^ I agree with Fashionista,

  3. The title is cute, the layout is pretty decent and everything, not at all something to be worried about!!
    And your writing is adorable and its like you actually are speaking to us!