Monday, 21 May 2012

All I see is stars xD

Bruce Springsteen's voice is so intense :O


Jack White-Sixteen Saltiness <3


I really don't know why I'm blogging right now,I'm like super-sad-tired-depressed-hungry right now.Whatever.Okay,so everyone,you'll know that whenever we read something there's this voice in our head that's actually reading it.Well,now,the voice in my head is also talking sloppily.

Huh? I'm sorry I'm not making any sense and I'm sorry that you think your wasting your time whist reading this.


I have a Pen-pal!
Woohoo!! =D
Please mail me nah?
Pretty please? Cuz Pen-pals are awesome! =D


I've started liking these Facebook memes a lot..All of a sudden.
Oh My God,why?


This post did not make any sense and now I have another not-making-sense-at-all post :/
Life sucks. =P

P.S-Your not going to have your three minutes back. xD


  1. The voice in my head always speaks to me. But, I just ignore it.
    You posted because you're sad, I guess. Now that you let it out, hope you feel better now.

    1. I do,wow!
      How'd you know!? Anyways,thanks =)

  2. Omg wow! :D
    A penpal! How exciting :D

  3. A pen-pal? Sounds Interesting!
    I wish I could have one! :\