Sunday, 15 April 2012

This goes on and on.

So,yesterday I was hanging out with this super cool guy,let's call him "Sin"

He is the best-est.

Okay so, I know Sin for like 7 years now,I mean from second grade.He was in my class and was in Love with him.

First Love <3

More about him.
He is this really smart guy who knows everything,like everything!He is not book smart,he is just born smart or whatever.Best part is he loves being smart.You know the constant effort put in teenagers nowadays to be like super cool and stuff?
Yeah,well,he is not like that.He likes being the smart and geeky guy.He isn't ashamed of saying that he studied for 6 hours that day.

We were best friends since the second grade.Always competing for the first place in class.Well,he always won,but I was a close second.We talked about Secret Seven,Roald Dahl and sports.We used to get along really well.I loved spending time with him,even he did.
But all this changed.

I was in the sixth grade.People influenced me,changed me,corrupted me.I became like those teenage girls,worrying about my reputation,worrying about my looks,worrying about what people thought about me.I also had my popular elder brother.Looking at him,I was pushed from the inside to gain popularity too.

I changed.
Sin saw me change.
He did nothing.

I feel he should have something to get me back.
But instead he jut saw.
Saw me swearing at people,saw me keeping my sick boyfriends,saw me goofing around before my History exam (I suck at History) and the only thing he did was give me that "You've-change-but-I-don't-care" look.

I never went back to normal.I am still a teenage girl,worrying about my reputation,worrying about my looks,worrying about what people think about me.
I want to get back to my geeky and nerdy friends.
I want to get back to studying when I'm free.

But it just does not happen.I can't leave my friends now.I am happy with this life too.

Yesterday,Sin explained all this to me.He said that- You can't go back to normal now and You shouldn't too.You're still awesome and I'll never forget you.
This brought tears to my eyes.

Now,I'm not getting back to what I was,but I'll not neglect my studies.I am glad I have someone to explain all this to me.I guess,he'll always be there in the corner of my heart<3


  1. Your so fast in making progress. uh! =P
    Anyway, I've added you on Facebook. Accept, please. =D

  2. I just wonder how many posts you you do a day?? =D Anyway, this story of yours was wayy cute =P I guess as I read it, I realized it happened with me too. I changed what I was in third grade. But still guess what, I changed back to my form for the sake of studies and good grades =P

    1. I post like whenever I'm bored or so :P
      I don't think I'd b ABLE to change.
      I love this life too,you know <3