Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm on Love's side.

Someone told me,"Your blog's too lovey-dovey."

So what?
Is it wrong?
I write about love.

 People have these ideas about how love hurts,love sucks,love is pain and stuff like that.Honestly,I don't want to be a teenager bragging about how awesome love is,and how deeply in love I am or how love is life.

Maybe I am doing that.
Am I?

Hearts break.
People are abandoned.
People are cheated on.
People die.

This must not stop you from anything.
 I know everyone has been told that there is a special someone for everyone and everyone has a chance in love.
Let's face it,it's true!

Aah,now I'm going to say something really dramatic and mushy but,

Love is  a gift from God.
I feel stupid now.

Well,love is a gift from God and you can't go around cursing a gift from God just because your past relations haven't worked!
It's never to late to fall in love.

Now,after writing all this,I MAY seem like a stupid teenager crazily in love,but now, it does not matter.Because I do believe in love.

I've seen my parents separate.
It was hard for both of them but being the amazing people they both are,they do have a shot at love :)

P.S-Pray that my mom does not read this.She'll tease me.

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