Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The heartbreak.

It was perfect.

The feeling of the soft music surrounding her.
The feeling of her favorite Levis.
The feeling of the ice cream slowly melting in her mouth.

But she hated it.

The fact that she was listening to their song without him.
The fact that her Levis felt uncomfortable without them being in his lap.
The fact that she was eating ice cream,which she never ate without being fed by him.

The long and lonely nights dragged by.They never ended.She felt she was in this circle where she is always alone hoping,believing and wishing he'd b back.This went on and on.
It had to end.

"You never told me not to talk to him!",she screamed at the top of her voice,"You said I could do what I want!"."That's so not what I meant.Haven't you heard of sarcasm babe?",he said keeping his cool but dumping his favorite shirts in his bag carelessly.He never did this.He was possessive about his shirts. 

"Hon,I'm sorry.I just never thought you would feel I'd sleep with your best friend.I crossed my limits.",the tone of her voice had changed.It was suddenly as if she had given up.
Given up trying to fight with him.
She never could fight with him.
She knew that.
He knew that.

A thud was heard.
He had left.
Left her alone in this dump.
A dump-her Andheri 3 BHK had become as he left.

She had crossed her limits.
She knew that.
Going with his best friend to the movies alone!
That was wrong.
But nothing had happened,she swore.
She had not told him because she knew he would mind.
The friend,was a jerk,going with his best friend's babe alone for the movies without telling him.

This was screwed up.
Screwed up,big time.

"I'm such a bitch.",she thought.


  1. Nothing has gone down my pharynx. But as far as your age is concerned. This is pretty good. =D

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  3. Omg!
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