Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy ever after,but not with Prince Charming.

Note-The post is long,but I promise it's worth it :)

So,I know this guy-Cane (Not his real name,obviously)

It started with a ,"Oh,he's cute",and we eventually started talking.He was originally one of my elder brother's close friends,but now we were friends too.We spoke for hours on text,he helped my with my boy troubles an all and he knew much about me.He was kinda like the best-guy-friend I never had.Best part was I wasn't obligated to meet him each day,or text him or call him at least once a day or whatever.We didn't have to tell each other our secrets.We had our space.

I never really had real feelings for him,but we had one night.I mean we spoke the most that night,6 hours I think.The conversation started out normally but then it took a slight turn.It turned,lovey.We spoke as if we were a couple,saying sweet stuff and all.He is seventeen,I'm fourteen.Anyways,so we had this magical conversation and sparks really were there.Next day,it was gone,all gone.We were back to normal but we didn't talk to each other at all.

My brother came to know about the night we spoke,the long night,he was super pissed.Boy code-never date your friends sister.So,he kinda beat up Cane and me and him never spoke again.I kinda missed him,with our conversations and all.Okay,we did ruin everything with that one night,but we could have forgotten about it!

So we did not speak for 3 whole months,we were too busy in our lives.I thought about him once in a while and my friends always pushed me to talk to him,but I was too scared of my brother.One fine day,I finally got over that and spoke to my brother.I explained how good a friend Cane was and I really needed to talk to him.He said,"Fine.But no flirting!"

Now,Cane and I are on talking conditions but we still have distances.We'll get past that,I'm sure :)

P.S-What is it with elder brothers,huh? :O


  1. Wasn't loooong,chill :D
    Also, awww :(
    You don't know HOW MUCH i used to pine for an elder brother, i have a younger one!
    I guess he's just over protective no?
    Anyway, I hope you get good friends-y with the guy Cane.

  2. I reaaaally like this post! Don't worry, the protective part of bros is what one day we'll all learn to love. :)

  3. Thats' Nice. Hope you remain friends like forever. :)

    And also, about elder brothers, It shows that they care for you.

    The post wasn't really that long. Did you feel it was long ?
    Anyways, Nice post. :)

    1. Yeah,I thought it was kinda long but now,after the comments,I'm pretty sure it's not that long! :P

  4. It is not a long post!
    It happens! :(

  5. He wouldn't be a elder brother or a brother for that matter if he didn't act the way he acted. Since he trusted you to not to flirt than i'd advise you not to break his trust.