Friday, 6 April 2012

10th April,2012

My exams are getting over on the 10th of April!
Yuhuu :D

Okay,so me and my girls,we planned this super-crazy-awesome day!
Since I've told everyone else about our plan,I needed to tell this to someone else too-My 23 followers-I love you all <3

The day starts at 12:00,when the exam gets over (Independence!)

First,a nice,cheap (hopefully) and simple lunch at Pizza Hut-we all are pizza lovers!

(Sorry about the photo,but this is the Pizza Hut we are going to,in Powai.Doesn't help much,does it?)

(This is the track in Powai.It isn't much,but it's something.)
Paintball :)

Aah,it's small.
And it's not for ages -16.
We'll try to get in.

Bowling in Hakone!!
This is not where we are going.
I did not find a photo,that's all.

Juhu beach :')
Aamchi Mumbai!

Last ,but not the least,Worli Sea Face

This is where you find peace.

This is the car.
In which we travel.
I can't believe we'll have the driver with us but it's okay,we'll entertain him I guess!
Skoda Superb.

We have a sleepover later.
I promise to post our photos!
After 10th obviously! :P

Anyways,bye!! <3

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