Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ta-Ta-Ta-Tasty-Tasty :D

The title is not the name of the poem B-)

We are done,
Done forever.
I'll miss the fun,
The smiles and the laughter.

It ended for  stupid cause,
And I agree it's my fault.
Now,when I step back and take a pause,
I realize it shouldn't have ended.

But you won't take me back!
And if our problems we would've mended,
Today,you would not have seen me cry,
While I was trying to cover up my track.

Trying to make me jealous?
I think your'e winning!
And now I feel like a mess,
All broken and shattered.

And about the things I heard,
I hope they aren't true.
You kept my heart,
My poem and my love.

I just hope for you to be mine,
Don't worry,I'll act as if I'm fine.

Yeah,I'm aware of that. 

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